Our projects work mostly with vulnerable children in the communities of Ocean View and Masiphumelele.​We work with a hand up rather than a hand out approach, which means – we support the people that are leading in their communities, that have the knowledge and the know-how and wisdom to solve their own challenges – they often just lack the right support and resource to do what they need to do. Through our volunteering process at Projekt Ubuntu, we are really able to propel people’s dreams forward and really make a meaningful difference.


Volunteers 8:30 till 12:00

Day care centres: Ubuntu supports day care centres in Masiphumelele townships; all at various stages of development; run by the grandmothers and mothers in our local community. 


This projects takes care of 30 kids more of less. Most of which are Foreign nationals. A lot of the kids come from places like Zimbabwe. For the Mama's most project start at six in the morning and ends at 6 in the evening. Parents drop their kids off here from their way to work and they will pay a little for the kids coming towards the centre. With that money Mama Bonchi has been able to have 1 teacher that comes and helps her out. 


Mama Bonchi devastatingly lost her house in recent years due to lightning which started a fire through the township. Mama Bonchi was extremely traumatised by this. Through sentimentality and fear she had counselling to have the structure knocked down so they could restore. In that fire she lost all of her belongings and it was from volunteers coming together they were able to build Project 1 within 6 months’ time. Volunteers manage to improve the interior in their time here, however, there are still things needing to be finished such as the ceiling.

This a project limited with space also. Caring for over 30 kids. With only one Mama and a foreign national lady, Jessica who assists her with the cooking and prep. The Mama of this project had a stroke and can not operate with her hands so well and greatly requires the assistance of  volunteers and Jessica to continue with the project.


March 5th the project recently went through an incredible transformation. With the fundraising of our volunteers the project has been lifting in colour and spirit with new floors, a new ceiling and a new coat of paint with the walls accessorise with portraits of the kids and educational posters crafted by the volunteers themselves.



Mama Yandi, started Flinkies with an afternoon project where she would teach kids after school arts and crafts -  mostly making creations from recyclables.  After the kids started going parents asked if they could bring their siblings in which, would mostly be young infants; thats when they started the crèche - a separate room divided for the babies. 

At Flinkies there are 3 foreign national teachers here. Using the word teacher does not mean that they are educated and trained necessarily -  but will be women from the community that have a passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge they have of what they have with the children. 

Flinkie's is another project that recently has undergone improvement thanks to much fundraising from our volunteers. With a new room now available after cleaning and flooring installed.

20 years old and still going strong. Different to all the projects. The principle is the daughter to the founder of the project. Principle Mama Nomyoli, still participates in the project but in great age has handed her work down to her daughter taking over.

This project has a mixture of small babies and big kids but with brilliant structure introduced with the support that her daughter has practice and studied in early child development at college.


There are up to three 'Mamas' here and they also have family and friends supporting the school here and Kiddies corner is the only project that cooks for the kids in the morning.  And can supply water and lunch for kids who do not have any.


A lot of our volunteers can favourite this project because of the structure and very frequent teaching offered here that has been developed over its time. However, every single one of our projects have the potential of this and through volunteers introduction of culture, skills sets and knowledge you can give in time give all of our kids the opportunity of this. 


Wetlands is a project built originally by volunteers. It is called wetlands because it is built on wetland. The land is moist and there is water underneath. In which, the volunteers has built the project on a raised platform to avoid being affected by this as much. The toilets here down the street, and the mama could not keep leaving the kids on their own to take the kids. So to remove having to put in a bucket system with introduced portable toilets – it has made life at the project easier and safer for the kids.


Living here however, does not means they have less than others in the township, they just choose to live here. There can be a need here  just as much as in the township. Nevertheless, what the kids need here is a lot of love and creativity and educational activities brought into their program, which we encourage our volunteers to help implement.

Volunteers 14:30 till 16:00


Pro-jekt Ubuntu came from a meeting of worlds and the recognition that South Africa and Africa; had something unique to give to the world.
Mama Phatiswa
Project Coordinator

Project Ubuntu works in Masiphumelele on the outskirts of Cape Town that deals with a high level of social issues such as poverty, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and HIV/AIDS. Pro-jekt Ubuntu is a rainbow nation – which means we welcome everyone. The majority of kids are foreign nationals, from Malawi or Zimbabwe and a few Xhosa speaking kids which is now increasing.  And one white boy.The children are from families that lack the resources to provide the with daycare, and the centre offers a safe and educative space on a daily basis. They also try to offer healthy meals. Many of the children have experience traumas and receive as much support as possible at the centre.



Ubuntu Centre: a community that directs resources to the community and cares for between 60 and 100 children every day.Starting from half past two.  There are more or less than 70 kids and all the volunteers collectively come together to work with one another to support this project by helping Mama Phathiswa Ngcuka, who is not just the Mama of this project but the our project coordinator who oversees all of the others projects. Monday -Thursday. The kids come home from school get changed and come to ubuntu.



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