'Yoga' means Union and 'Shala means school.

Yoga Shala has accommodated people from all over world of different ages. We open our home to people from a magnitude of cultures and nationalities' and like to treat one another as family. Essentially a home away from home. 

It brings us great joy to connect young people from different countries; cultures and ethnic backgrounds; to somehow foster human values; through service. To share our stories; and make a difference at the same time. We can also be a very active house in other ways, supporting our country and our community in inviting talent we know for evening music performances and allow spaces to those for meditation classes. 

Drone footage of Yoga Shala captured by volunteers.


Yoga Shala is a beautiful mountain villa; consisting of a main house; small apartments; studios and cottages. Situated in De Oude Weg; Capri; on the Roodeberg Mountain Range, with amazing mountain and sea views and an African feel / ambiance. A perfect place to stay if exploring the South Peninsula; close to Kommetjie; Noordhoek and Fish Hoek Beaches (15 minutes drive).

NATURE & sustainability

We have big dreams to become self-sustainable as much as we can and are working towards restoring our fruit garden and asking for donations to plant a tree in our gardens so we can plant, grow and give to feed the kids in the projects down in the townships. 

Our mission is to cut down on waste of all means. Even our volunteers leftovers goes to households and families that don't have food at night. In which we give to community members to distribute to unprivileged families or to the ubuntu centre when our number of kids rising during holidays.

Water restrictions are in place and we take conserving water very seriously. We have two rain tanks and a swimming pool but we still need to watch every drop. We have a recycling area, save our breads tags and bottle tops and make Eco Bricks. It is our aim to reduce our plastic by 50% this year.

Living on the Roodeberg Mountain range in a beautiful eco sensitive area. As you can see from our photographs we have a beautiful landscape view, perfect place to sit in the evenings, eat and watch the sunset. We have our animals, free roaming tortoises and our two pet dogs.

This is a website put together and created by volunteers and interns. 2019

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Tel: +0027 785 9316

Mob: +27(0)825612879

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Projekt Ubuntu / Yoga Shala, 

28 De Stadler Avenue, De Oude Weg, Capri Village, Cape Town, South Africa