Our volunteer project is called Pro-jekt Ubuntu Community Projects; and aims to teach young people from around the world; the values of Ubuntu; the African principle of humanity. We can develop many avenues in life; but it is also important to develop human values.

Service to society and volunteering; gives one the unique experience; of directing one's own energy in a positive direction; essentially developing one's own potential and skills; and in the process doing something useful for someone else. In our drive towards materialism; preserving our human values will become essential as we embrace the technologies of the future.

So, in a sense you can say that our program and projects; offer both our volunteers and our community; an opportunity for growth and development. In a time where funding for youth programmes, the arts and community development is a challenge; we have found a way not only to sustain our own project; but also to constantly channel much needed capacity and resource to poorer communities. 

We are not NGO or NPO but a social enterprise which breaks down to people helping out other people. If you'd like to be a part of that then please go to our 'donate' or Get Involved' page and find out you can help to support. 

If you are interested in volunteer work or being active in an internship with us, we promise you the chance to curve and enhance new and existing skills. To find out more on the internships and projects we offer please browse through our 'Project" & 'Get Involved' pages

Our mission is a big one! To sustain the projects  and spread the message of Ubuntu. And most importantly to achieve happiness for our children. And to do this we need to  as many volunteers and interns as we can to keep things flowing.

Each of our projects are different. On the arrival of our volunteers before working they will be given an orientation of the projects and then are given the choice of their placement.  Project Ubuntu is one large project that splits off into smaller projects in the day time. For information on other projects that we offer not only with kids but also with animals then please go to our contact page and send us a message or give us a phone call.

This is a website put together and created by volunteers and interns. 2019

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Projekt Ubuntu / Yoga Shala, 

28 De Stadler Avenue, De Oude Weg, Capri Village, Cape Town, South Africa